We prefer to use our recommended suppliers as their fabrics have gone through intensive testing to ensure 100% satisfaction is guaranteed over the lifetime of the garment. Obviously, we can not guarantee the same quality from garments you supply yourself.  Also, once the print is applied to the fabric, the next process is ‘curing’ which is performed with an extremely high-temperature tunnel dryer (approx. 175-200 degrees celsius); At this point, some materials and garments are known to have reactions to the heat ( a reaction called dye migration/sublimation) if this occurs we can not be held responsible for the damage to your garments nor the replacement costs.  This is not a common situation however it is significantly more likely with cheap and low quality materials/garments.

Our maximum number of colours is SIX AND WHITE (7) – The majority of “one-colour prints” are actually 2 colours as the base-layer needs to be white on all clothing except white garments. It is very rare anyone requires this depth of colour though and all the quoted prices on this website are based on 1 colour prints.

The price is NOT significantly higher for more colours, but please get in touch with us for a quote as our online-designer will be cost-inaccurate with this kind of colour-depth of print.

We generally prefer to have your design in PSD, JPG, AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, GIF, SVG, CDW or TIF. When submitting your artwork, the file should be created in 300dpi and if possible be the actual size that you want it on the shirt. Vector artwork works best as we can scale it without any loss of quality. You can send us artwork at a lower resolution for us to work with, but we cannot guarantee that it will come out as crisp and sharp as you would want. You can easily create artwork that is print ready from within our online designer – however the online-designer will accept resolutions much smaller that 300dpi by default to make it easy for everyone (even if its not easiest for us!).

Of course we can! We only list the highest quality brands so you are not overwhelmed while browsing, but we have access to thousands of styles and brands. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can hook you up!

Feel free to even bring in your own garments. We can print on anything.

Sure! You are more than welcome to mix and match shirt colours and sizes at no additional cost as long as the print stays the exact same and is the same colour. You can even purchase different garment types and just add on the cost difference of that item as long as we are printing the same exact design. The only caveat to this would be mixing in 2XL and 3XL sizes as they are an extra two bucks per shirt.

If your order has been placed, and we have not started on anything and there is an unforeseen reason you need to cancel your order, we can issue a refund. Once your order is processed and blank garments have been purchased and printed on, there are no refunds. On some very rare cases, we may issue a credit-note due to an issue with a print, however the quality of our workmanship is so outstanding that this just really never happens; And on the occasion when somehow something was even slightly imperfect we ALWAYS immediately rush to replace the entire garment 100% free of charge.

All payments must be received in full before we start an order. Over our time, we’ve tried many different methods – and even generously honoured credit-notes owed by the previous owner when we were under no obligation at all to do so. We want everyone to love us, and therefore try to accommodate everyone; however this has ended up being extremely costly for us recently and the only way that has worked has been payment in full before an order is started. Too often we were left with unpaid invoices, entrepreneurs not having enough money to finish an order, and we could not financially keep going that way. This method was simply our best option. We accept payment with Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards, PayPal and of course gold bullion. 

Once your deposit is paid in full, there is an expected 14-21 day turnaround time.
HOWEVER – This is not normal.  Its more of a “just in case – to cover our backsides if an emergency happens” type timeframe.

The usual standard timeframe you can expect is within the week, often within 48 hours.

It really just depends on what you need created by us.

EASY!  Other than calling us, emailing us, dropping by the shop, buying directly from the website or even mental telepathy; placing an order is SIMPLE! If you have created a design on our website, you can simply add your design to the cart and use the checkout system. If you are having troubles figuring this out, simply send us your saved design ID # and we can retrieve it for you and send you an invoice to make payment. If you already have print ready artwork and do not want to import it into our designer, simple send up the artwork on our order page and we will get right back to you with a price and invoice for you to make payment.

It’s the most NON-CRAZY and SANE thing we do here!
We don’t think its fair for you (or anyone) to see, or be quoted, one price and then further down the road find out there are more charges. With our Asylum Pricing there are never any secrets.
Zero Set-up fees / Costs
No “Plate” fees – whatever that means.
GST included in the price
Amazing customer service is 100% FREE.